forum topics

International Water Security. Major Challenges for Drinking Water In the 21st century: Climate Change – Plastic Pollution- industrial and Domestic Pollution – War

Sustainable Water management and Innovative Technologies-Environmental Pollution. Biodiversity loss and Water Supply

Water & Impacts/its Effects? on Human Health

Legislation & Global Network for Drinking Water

Water Protection on the Level of Local Government

Water, Tourism, Agriculture, Industry

WASH and Sustainability: International Perspectives”.

Forum vision

The 1st International Water Forum took place in Athens and aimed to provide an opportunity for water researchers, engineers and experts from academia, industry, governments and water utilities, to exchange experiences and to inform the public about the burden of heavy metals in the food, soil, and air derived from natural sources or pollution.

The 2nd Forum, will not only inform about the Mediterranean problem of clean water, but will endeavor to underline important actions to be taken by various Institutions and Organizations.

We hope that the forum will lead to fruitful collaborative projects that will help all peoples in the Mediterranean area to have access to clean water


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