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Center of European Studies and Humanities “Ioannis Capodistrias”

The Centre of European Studies and Humanities “Ioannis Capodistrias” was founded in January 1994 as a Private Legal entity, of non-profit character, and in January 2001 it was recognized as a non-governmental organization (NGO) by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Centre’s expertise is education, awareness and cultural development in matters related to history, culture, arts, technology, research and protection of the environment and operates with three corresponding Departments.

The Centre has organized a number of Conferences, Workshops and cultural meetings in Greece and abroad with a view to promoting the Hellenic civilization at an international level.

It has co-operated with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to implement developmental projects in the Balkan countries and in Turkey.

The Centre co-operates with Universities, Institutions and Institutes as well as Organizations governed by Private and Public Law, in Greece and abroad, with the European Union and UNESCO, in programs and matters related to culture and civilization.

“Kleisthenis”, the Pan-Hellenic Association of General Secretaries of Local Government

 In June 2011, «Kleisthenis», the Pan-Hellenic Association of General Secretaries of Local Government was founded in order to cover the need for continuous communication, networking and the provision of know-how to mayors and General Secretaries, as well as for cooperation with the technocrats and officials of the municipalities.

Since 2011, the cooperation of ‘Kleisthenis’ with the 325 mayors of the country and the 62 previously and the 106 at present General Secretaries of Municipalities, focused on the provision of information, timely information, the dissemination of know-how and the resolution of problems of Service and procedural nature.


European Centre for Environmental Research and Training

 The European Centre was founded on February 2002 and administratively forms part of the Department of International and European Studies in order to promote the science of sustainable development and the elaboration of proposals on environmental governance. It has since developed a multifaceted action in the fields of research, scientific congresses and summer school programs as well as in the field of collaboration with civil society and local administration entities.

This post is also available in: Greek